Founded - 1887

One hundred and twenty years ago, God - in His limitless grace - responded to a hunger deep in the hearts of a handful of immigrant people for a worshiping, serving Christian fellowship. And thus, in February of 1887, was born the Swedish Mission Church in Harris, Minnesota. 

The Bible was their guide for living, the source of the understanding of God's will and the purpose in their simple, rugged world. They were people of the "Book". Each passing generation communicated its precepts to their children and community, always heeding the admonition, "Ye must be Born Again", and asking pointedly: "Ar Du Fralst" (Are You Saved)?

Download and read more about "Our Story" that was written in our 125th Celebration journal from 2012.

The Church Today

The decades have come and gone. Harris Covenant Church - a Family of God, a Body of Believers, based on the revelation of God in the Person of Jesus Christ - still is faithfully declaring the eternally abiding Truth that God and His Word are the "Same yesterday and today and forever". 

We are still calling young and old to repentance and New Life in Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are still seeking to "Serve A Changeless Christ in An Ever-Changing World". We are still knit together by a common bond of love for the Lord Jesus, and for one another.  


Harris Covenant Church is a part of the Northwest Conference (NWC) which is a mission region of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) denomination. This conference consists of about 140 churches in Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin. This conference also includes five Bible camps (Lake Beauty Bible Camp is our main camp) and Minnehaha Academy,