Music At HCC

Music is a vital part of our Sunday Worship at Harris Covenant Church. Our worship can best be described as a mix of new worship songs and traditional hymns. The Music Ministry Team is led by our Music Coordinator Sonda Jacobson as she coordinates praise teams and carefully chooses songs to go along with each service. 

If you feel called to be a part of this ministry, contact Sonda by email or at 612-597-7653.

Teams & Schedule

Vocal Team 1: Darrell, Jill
Vocal Team 2: Brad, Jill, Jan
PowerPoint: Doug, Jacob
Sound: Justin, John, Jordan
Instruments:  Sonda (piano), Val (guitar), Jolena (violin), Jane (organ), Steve (most anything), Justin and Jordan (percussion)
When available:  Sherah (vocals), Riley (drums), Josee (keyboard), Tennie (keyboard)

Sun, Dec 24 - Vocal Team 2, Jacob, John

Sun, Dec 31 - Vocal Team 1, Doug, Justin

Sun, Jan 7 - Vocal Team 2, Jacob, Jordan

Sun, Jan 14 - Vocal Team 1, Doug, John

Sun, Jan 21 - Vocal Team 2, Jacob, Justin

Sun, Jan 28 - Vocal Team 1, Doug, Jordan

Harris Covenant Church

43680 Gates Ave

Harris, MN 55032

Phone: (651)-674-7565