Youth Ministry at HCC

At Harris Covenant Church, the youth are a high priority because they not only will be the church in the future, but they are a key part of the church now. So, for 6th-12th grade students there are a great number of opportunities to get involved. We are committed to leading students to starting and deepening relationships with Christ. And, of course, we are dedicated to having fun together and sharing life experiences. Look below to see the many opportunities to get involved on any given week!

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Youth Group

Wednesday Nights from 7-8 P.M. 

During the school year, our biggest weekly get-together is on Wednesday Nights. During this time students come and hear a message based on the Scriptures that is relevant for their lives. Additionally, we will watch funny videos, play goofy games, and do various other activities that contribute to the overall fun and learning of the evening! Students can even come early to hang out with friends, play games, or listen to music. 

Sunday School

Sunday Mornings from 9-10 A.M.

Sunday mornings during the school year, 6-12th grade students can come to the youth room to join in a discussion based Sunday School lesson. These lessons are focused on exploring the Scriptures and helping students to understand them. We also will play games every now and then because it's early and sometimes we're tired!

First Word

Monday Mornings from 7:00-7:30 A.M. 

On Mondays before school, North Branch High School students are welcome to join us at County Market in North Branch in the Cafe area to participate in a student-led devotional. This is a great time (even though it's early) to get together with fellow high school students and start the week off in God's word. You can also get some coffee and doughnuts!


Sundays at 4:30 pm

Headed up by the Senior Pastor, Confirmation is a ministry focused on helping high school students confirm their faith.This is done by way of studying the Scriptures, Christian Life, different worldview, church history, and many more topics relevant to a healthy walk of faith.

Interested in Confirmation? Contact Pastor Steve.

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