Kenya 2020

Our Mission Kenya 2020 team consists of five people from Louisiana and five from Minnesota, including three from our church! Brad and Sonda Jacobson, Carol Ramberg and seven others will be traveling to Tawa, Kenya in May. Please pray for us!

We have just launched our first fundraiser through a t-shirt campaign. This fundraiser runs through January 29th. There is an order sheet in the Coffee area at Harris Covenant. If we order together we can save on shipping. Or you can place your own order by going to this link...

For more information visit or talk to Carol Ramberg.

Mission Kenya 2018

The 2018 Missions trip to Tawa, Kenya serving the Kakuswi Special School for the Deaf is complete. Thank you to everyone who supported this team through prayer and finances. Praise God for the work that was accomplished, as well as for the relationships that were built.  God is good!  All the time!

Team Members:

Branda Jacobson

Matt Duong

Heidi Duong

Julie Immel

Michelle Tessness

Marsha Carlson

Jeremiah Carlson

Kimberly Brown

Chloe Mickle

Melinda (Richard) Sorensen

Carol Ramberg

Nikki Bell

Michelle Pattee

Kasiha Pattee


"He must increase, but I must decarese." John 3:30

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