Leadership Team

These faithful men and women make up the 2019 Leadership Team for Harris Covenant Church.  Let's remember to hold them in our prayers as they lead and pray for us.

Janice Balfanz

Jill Deming

Seth Draper

Brad Jacobson, Chair

John Mohr

Steve Schmidt

Pastor Steve Weihsmann, Ex Officio

    Ministry Team Organization

    In 2014, after almost two years of the Leadership Team form of governance, leaders in the church recognized that this restructuring allowed the rest of the church ministry teams to follow suit. After about a year of work toward this goal, the Ministry Team organizational church was officially accepted and implemented in 2015. The goal of this chart was not to totally change every ministry team, but to give them each a specific purpose within one of three areas of ministry: Discipleship, Outreach, and Stewardship. Places ministry teams into these larger areas of ministry has since freed them up to do ministry independently while also working in concert with the guidance of the Leadership Team. 

    For a more detailed explanation of the chart below, look at the full Ministry Teams Document.